Woods by Making Stories

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WOODS includes 11 patterns, a designer and yarn company profile for every design, tutorials as well as articles by and interviews with leading voices from the knitting industry such as Karen Templer, Clare Devine, Megan Elizabeth and Francoise Danoy.

Designs by Becky Sørensen, Claire Walls, Ida Thue Nielsen, Jenn Steingass, Jessica Gore, Linda Dubec, Nele Druyts, Orlane Sucche, Rhiannon Owens, Ruth Werwai, Verena Cohrs.

Yarns by Black Isle Yarns, Blacker Yarns, De Rerum Natura, Hey Mama Wolf, Isle Yarns, Lana Rara, Moel View Yarn, Ovis Et Cetera, Sherwood Yarn, South Downs Yarn, Tukuwool.